Monday, August 29, 2016

Last week I did SF advanced level 4.  Being fond of a system that keeps my time consistent, I have decided to couple SF with EMOM. This stands for Every Minute On the Minute.  On my workout timer app, I allow one full minute for the pull-ups, one for the HSPU, and one for each leg of pistols. At level 4, this was not horribly taxing. I am betting that by the time I am doing 7+ reps of these exercises it will be quite challenging. 

4 Pull ups (regular width) 
4 Hand Stand Push Ups
4 pistols (left x4, then right x4)
5 rounds in 20 minutes

4 Pull ups (close grip)
4 dips
4 pistols per leg
5 rounds, 20 minutes

4 Pull ups (wide grip)
4 one arm push up (left x 4, right x 4)
4 pistols per leg 
5 rounds, 25 minutes. 
An extra minute per round for the one arm push up. 

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